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Patient search

Quick search

Type some, or all, of the patient's first or last name. Then hit enter (or click the search icon) to find the patient you are looking for.


Filtered search

Click the filter icon to search for a patient using advanced details. Use the tab key to quickly add information in multiple fields, then hit enter (or click the search icon) to find your patient.


Add patient

Click Add Patient to launch the new patient screen. Learn more about how to add a patient.


Supervising physician

 This will show for staff users and physicians who require a supervisor. If you don't see this displayed, you have full prescribing and/or encounter authority!

Quickly see who your supervisor is - or who you're writing as - from the header display.


Click on the name displayed to select a new physician, then choose the correct provider from the dropdown.


Quick navigation

Find all you need at one glance with easy access to all of the EHR modules.


  • Today's Appointments
  • Encounters
  • Prescriptions
  • Labs
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • And More!

Simply click on the heading to launch a module!


Use the gear icon to open the utilities menu. Click on a section heading to expand the options, or type in the search bar to quickly find what you need.


Your profile  

View your information, update your settings, and sign out of RXNT from your Profile. 



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