Enrollment for Practice Management Only

Purchase additional licenses

Purchasing licenses is done on the Product Dashboard. To reach the Product Dashboard, click the first icon for any client on your Corporate Dashboard.


The Product Dashboard will open in a separate tab. Click the utilities icon and then select Subscriptions.


All subscriptions for all of your clients will be displayed.


Click Buy More Licenses in the bottom right of the appropriate subscription to purchase more licenses.


Click the + and - buttons to adjust the number of licenses you are purchasing. Note that you will need an EPCS license for each individual location where a provider will be using a token.


Click Continue to review the purchase.


Review the purchase and pricing details. Click Purchase to complete the order.


Add new clients

Clients are created on the Corporate Dashboard. Click on the Add Client button at the top of the screen. 


 You must have both the billing contact and the corporate administrator role in order to add clients to your account. 

Step 1: Create the client

Enter the client's entity name, tax identification number, and group NPI.

After creating the client, the client's enrollment must be completed. Click Proceed on the enrollment welcome screen.

Step 2: Complete the organization details

Select the type of claims the client will be sending. Select all that apply. 


Enter the client's address by clicking on the +Location button. 


Enter the address details.


Optionally, you can enter the location's office hours if they are using Scheduling.

Click Save to save the location details.

You also have the option of entering the client's appointment types. Click Continue to save the organization details.


Add a new provider

After completing the organization details, you will reach the provider dashboard. To create a provider, click the +Provider button in the upper right-hand corner.


The provider dashboard can also be reached from utilities on the Product Dashboard. Go to the Corporate Dashboard and click the Product Dashboard icon for the client for which you need to add providers.


The Product Dashboard will open in a separate tab. Click the utilities icon and then select Providers.


Click the +Provider button in the upper right corner.  Screen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_7.14.57_AM.png

In the New Provider screen, enter the provider’s personal details. Enter a personal email for the provider,  not a group email, to ensure that the account is secure. The cell phone number should also be specific to the provider and able to receive text messages since it’s used for two-factor account verification.


If the provider does not plan on logging in and you do not want them to receive the email notification to create their password, check the box labeled Do not send an email to the provider to create a password


Enter the provider's medical details. Available specialties are from the Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set, which can be found here. Include the correct individual NPI for the provider to prevent prescription and/or claim errors. NPI numbers can be verified using the CMS NPI Registry.


Set products for the provider

Click the +Products button to assign products to the provider. 


In the popup that opens, all subscriptions will be displayed along with the products within each subscription. Select the products that the provider will be using by checking the box next to the product name.


The number of available licenses for the product will be displayed. If the product includes the Billing product, the plan must also be selected by the user.


Click Add to add the selected products to the provider.


The provider can be linked to more than one product.  As products are added, you will see them on the screen along with the subscription name and renewal date. If you select a product by mistake, use the Remove button to delete it from the provider's account.


Rendering provider details

The following fields will display if the Full Suite or Practice Management product is selected for a provider.


Make the appropriate selection to specify if the rendering provider bills using their individual NPI or Group NPI. The NPI on file will pre-populate but you can change this if necessary. 

Next, make the appropriate selection to specify if the rendering provider bills using their Tax ID or SSN. The Tax ID on file for your practice will pre-populate but you can change this if necessary. 

Institutional rendering provider

If an institutional rendering provider needs to be added, select the Institutional option at the top of the screen.


Enter the entity name, Group NPI, and Tax ID for the rendering provider. If needed, make the selection to enter an Individual NPI or SSN instead of the Group NPI or Tax ID. 


Next, select the products that the institutional rendering provider will be using. 


Only the Practice Management and Full Suite product(s) will be available to select for this type of provider.


 If the institutional rendering provider is using the Full Suite product, the license will still be available for a non-rendering provider to use the EHR portion of the product. An institutional rendering provider and an individual rendering provider cannot use the same Full Suite license.

Assign roles (optional)

The practice administrator role, the billing contact role, or both can be assigned to the provider if needed. Assign a role to a provider using the dropdown list.


  • Practice Admin:  Allows the provider to add staff users to the system, enroll other providers, and assign other practice administrators.
  • Billing Contact:  Allows the provider to manage the subscriptions, licenses, and payment sources for the practice; billing contacts also receive notifications for pending invoices and have access to pay these invoices on the RXNT dashboard.

If you added a role by mistake, remove it by clicking on the x.


Complete provider enrollment

The provider will appear on the dashboard with the status "Incomplete" to make it easier to find and complete the enrollment later. 


Click Continue to re-open the new provider enrollment.


The Submit button will save all information entered on this page and display the provider on the provider dashboard. If any information requires verification, the RXNT team will review and verify the details.


If any required information is missing from the provider, you will be alerted after clicking Submit. Click the missing item to jump to that section of the provider details.


If the provider appears on the dashboard with a status of "Processing," the system is still in saving the information for the provider. You will not be able to view the details of providers that are still processing, but you can add other providers. 


Providers logging in for the first time

Once a provider has been added, they will receive an email to create their password. Click Create Password.


PIN validation

A six-digit PIN will be texted to the cell phone number used to create your account.

Enter the code within 10 minutes to validate the account. If needed, a new PIN can be generated by clicking Resend on the verification screen. After entering the PIN, click Validate to continue to create the password.


Create the password

Password requirements are listed on the screen. Note that the only special characters supported are those listed in parentheses in the requirements (# is not a supported password character). Click Save to create the account password.


After saving the password, the provider will be directed to the Product Dashboard.


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