Adding a new fee schedule

Click Utilities.


Click Practice Setup and then Fee Schedules. Select New Fee Schedule in order to create a new one. Screen_Shot_2020-12-09_at_9.50.29_AM.png

Add a Charge Transaction Code to the Fee Schedule by selecting the + button. Once you have completed this page, click Save


Attaching fee schedules to procedure codes

Click Practice Setup and then Procedure Codes.


Search for the correct Fee Schedule by typing it into the code search bar.

 If the code does not show up, try unselecting "Only Favorite Records" You will then want to select the pink heart in order to favorite the code. 


Select the Charge Transaction Button (blue box). 

 If the code is not favorited, you will not be able to select the box. Please favorite the code and then try again. 


Here you will be able to view the Charge Transaction Code Details. To add a fee schedule, click the + sign at the bottom. 


Add the Fee Schedule you just created, as well as the fee amount, expected rate, and status. 


Additional information

Setting default fee schedule for self-pay encounters

Associate the company preference Default Self Pay Fee schedule with a fee schedule so that any new encounter (with a Self Pay case) added to the system or imported from another system will automatically get populated with the selected fee schedule. 


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