Reminders based on material resources

Customize patient reminders based on the material resource associated with the patient appointment. This feature gives a lot of flexibility in customizing messages to different groups of people. Let's consider a common use case, such as setting up different reminder messages for in-person visits and telehealth visits, keeping in mind, the use cases are endless.  

Here's how you get started!

Select the Reminder Type

To select the reminder type, start by clicking Utilities.


Then, click Reminder Composer.


Select Material Resource Reminder as the Reminder Type.


Choose a Material Resource

Now, select a material resource from the drop-down for reminder customization.


Customize reminder messages 

As soon as the material resource is selected, the default text appears in the SMS, email, and voice call fields, and the Enable material resource reminders toggle is turned off.


To customize the reminder messages, change the default SMS, email, and voice call messages.


Once your messages are set up, turn ON the Enable material resource reminders toggle. 


Click Save 


Log off and back into the system for your changes to be applied.


Now, patients who have appointments linked to the selected material resource will receive the material resource reminder.

Important information

  • When the Enable material resource reminders toggle is turned OFF, the patient reminders will be sent based on the location of the appointment. 
  • Anytime, you want to turn off the material resource reminder, simply turn OFF the Enable material resource reminders toggle!
  • Any changes made to your preferences will be reflected in the next reminder cycle if the changes are made before the reminder job runs on the backend.

    To ensure that the most updated patient reminders are sent out, all changes need to be made before 2:00 AM of the day reminders are set to be sent out. For example, A reminder is scheduled to be sent on the same day of the appointment i.e, 12/12/2020. Only changes made to the reminder preferences before 12/12/2020 (2:00 AM) will be reflected in the reminders that are sent out on 12/12/2020.

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