Add and Update Patients on the Charge Capture App

When adding patients on the Charge Capture app, save time by uploading a photo of their face sheet instead of adding all of the demographics.

Add a new patient

After logging into the Charge Capture app, tap the icon in the top right corner to add a patient.


Enter the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth.


Take a photo of the face sheet

Tap the option to take a photo of the face sheet.


Allow RXNT to take pictures on your device by selecting While using the app or Only this time.


Allow RXNT to access photos on your device by selecting Allow.

 Pictures will only be stored in the patient's documents in RXNT and will not be saved to your device.


The camera will open. Make sure the face sheet is lined up in the camera and tap the check mark.


The photo will display in RXNT.


Tap Take photo of face sheet again to add more photos. The trash can icon can be used to remove photos if needed.


 If you don't need to add any more information for the patient, tap Save, then OK



The patient will be saved in RXNT and charges can now be entered.


To add more information or to skip taking a photo, see Add more information.

Add more information

Tap the option to add more information to the patient.

 If a photo is not included, you must enter the rest of the required fields by tapping Add more information


Enter the patient's address, sex, and preferred phone. Optionally, the MRN, other phone numbers, and place of service can be entered. Service facility locations that are set up in Billing will be available to select as the place of service.


Tap Save, then OK.



The patient will be saved in RXNT and charges can now be entered.


Face sheets in Billing

If a photo of a face sheet was included when adding the patient to the Charge Capture app, the image will be available in the Billing product so the biller can use it to complete the demographics for the patient.

To see the face sheet in Billing, click Attach on the patient dashboard.


The photo will be titled Face sheet with the date and time the patient was added on the Charge Capture app. Each photo will be a separate document in Billing. Clicking the title will open the photo in a separate tab so that it can be viewed while completing the rest of the required demographics for the patient.


Claim scrubbing will alert billers if any of the required demographic data is missing and provide a link to easily access the uploaded face sheet.


Update existing patient information

 Available starting Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Search for the patient to update and tap the edit icon.


Update the demographics as needed and tap Update.



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